You can now download a Sustainable Small House Design & Plans Package, saving over $5,000 on design costs

Project Habitation's award-winning design is now available to purchase and download immediately online.

You can download a complete drawing package and take these plans to your builder, architect, or drafts person to alter to your specific needs, or Project Habitation can make the changes for you for a small fee.

Purchasing the Design & Plans Package allows you to achieve a beautifully architecturally designed home, without the associated cost. Unlike designing from scratch, purchasing pre-designed plans are low risk, low cost and you can see a model of the end-product from the start, and adapt it to suit your needs. Unlike project homes, our designs are genuinely sustainable and beautifully designed. 

If you decide to build, adapt or use our designs for your project let us know and we'll publish the results in an online blog.

To find out more about our award-winning Sustainable Small House, download your free info pack below.

Is a predetermined Small House Design right for you?

  1. Do you admire good design?
  2. Do you expect to know what your home will look like at the beginning of the design process?
  3. Do you have time constraints less than 6 months?
  4. Do you have a limited budget?

What are the benefits of purchasing a house design & plans package?  

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Plans for The Essential Habitat can be purchased now

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